Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Bio Oil Review

Last year my sister brought me bio oil for christmas and I have been using it every night since then. It does state to use it twice a day, but putting oil on my face in the morning isn't exactly a nice look but every night is more acceptable cos no one sees you when you are sleeping with an oily face.

I have dry skin and it definately helps with my skin to hydrate it over night so it feels nice and soft in the morning. I usually get marks from the spots left on my face but bio oil has really helped to them fade away. This is a really good product to use around the winter times because skin tend to get dryer around the colder temperatures.

I have the 60ml bottle and it really does last a long, long time so definitely worth the money. I have used it since last christmas and I have a quarter of the bottle left. The packaging is a very simple plastic bottle. I would like it if it had a pippette so it would make it easy to get the product out.

I definitely would purchase it again, in fact I have another 60ml bottle stocked up in my cupboard. I always see them on sale all the time at supermarkets, boots and superdrug so definately go and check them out. The 60ml bottle are around £8.99 click here.

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