Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Review

I brought this product around the start of 2012 and I have used every bit that I can get out.

It is such a great everyday scrub and I enjoyed using it very much. I remember buying it when it was on a sale price at Tesco around £2 or less price.Even though its not on offer, it is still isn't that expensive so still worth the money click here. I would definitely would purchase it again if I dont find anything better than this. 

There is 150ml, so quite a lot of product you get for the price, plus it lasts a long way too! The packaging is pretty simple and rather easy to squeeze the product out. But it does annoy me how I cant twist the cap off to get the very last bits of the product.

It leaves my face feeling really soft and fresh but it does state it eliminates and prevents blackheads for up to 3 weeks that I'm not quite sure it really does. But I'm always on the look out for blackhead removers so please let me know what works. I like to use this scrub with the bodyshop facial scrub ( I will do a review on this soon). I have dry skin so it doesn't strip off any oils from my face which makes it a lovely product to use.

I would definitely recommend this if your looking for a everyday scrub because I definitely would use it again.

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