Friday, 4 January 2013

Balmi Review

I have really been loving lip products recently and I have been drawn to this product the most! The Balmi I have is in mint flavour because I don't have a minty flavour lip balm in my collection. 

I really love the smooth plastic packaging of this lip balm, I just cant stop touching it! Plus the colour really indicates the flavour in mint. The shape is rather unusual but so  amazingly cool which makes it rather fun to put on the lips. In addition you are able to attach the Balmi to your key rings which helps you to carry it easily however it can come apart but that is if you pull it hard enough. The Balmi contains 10g of product so it would definitely last a long long time. 

The product has this 'cooling effect' which feels really refreshing on the lips and it helps to hydrate the lips instantly. The formulation is really nice to smooth all over the lips which doesn't give a thick sticky feeling on the lips. A bonus of this Balmi is that it contains SPF 15 so definitely useful in the summer thats if there is any sunshine in the UK.

I really would recommend this product if you are looking for a lip balm because this really works to leave your lips feeling soft and hydrated. The Balmi comes in 4 different flavours mint, coconut, raspberry and strawberry. Balmi costs £4.99 at Boots  which I personally thought was a little too much for a lip balm but after trying it, I definitely think its worth it.

So what's your favourite lip balm?

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