Sunday, 13 January 2013

Vivo Unprotected Palette

So I have never really been into eye shadows, just mainly lipsticks. When I seen this at Tesco I just had to get it cos I do like the urban decay naked palette but no point in me wasting the money if I don't really use it. I picked this up the other day for £3 cos it was £2 off the original price which is a total bargain I must say compared to the urban decay palette for £36.

The eye shadows are very good quality and are very pigmented for the price. I love most of the colours, they just look so wearable, definitely get a lovely everyday look from these natural colours.

 I know most of these eye shadows are shimmery which can be a down side for some people but I don't really mind the shimmery shadows. There are 3 matte eye shadows (escape, flutter and wisp) which are really easy to wear on lazy days or very natural looks. The only colours that I probably won't use is 'flow' and 'awaken' because it is a shimmery gold  and blue colour which is best for the special occasions and not for everyday looks.

I am so pleased I got my hands on this bargain so hopefully I can get myself into eye shadows a lot more. Another thing about the palette is that it doesn't have a mirror so it not very convenient for on the go but it does contain an eye shadow applicator which I personally don't like using them.

By the way definitely check out Tesco because the offer might still be on if you want one too!


  1. Ill definitely check this out. It's such a great palette!
    Hareem x

  2. Cool! ill see if i can get hold of this for my girlfriend :) thanks x

  3. I'd love to try out this palette! xxx

  4. That really is similar to the Naked palette! I want to check out some Tesco makeup but there's not a big enough Tesco near me :\